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Temporary Jobs in St Louis MO

Snelling-St. Louis has been one of the leading professional Temporary Staffing agencies in St. Louis Mo for decades. That’s why Snelling means Staffing ...... and Snelling means Jobs in St. Louis Mo! 

A Temporary Job in St. Louis Mo is available now! Start the process here so we can try to get you to work earning a paycheck!


Why not consider temporary work while you are waiting for the economy to turn around! We specialize in administrative, clerical, accounting, inside sales and customer service positions. Many St. Louis companies are in a holding pattern until the economy turns around - but, some are opening their doors to temporary employees. Keep your skills sharp and use this time to network!

The requirements to register with us are a solid, verifiable work history, and a good work ethic. The process is easy - set up an appointment, we can save you time by completing an application on-line, and taking the testing in the comfort of your own home - we would need about 1 hour of your time to complete the process. There is never a fee to you - employers pay the fee. Microsoft Word and Excel skills are a requirement for many office and administrative jobs we have in St. Louis-Mo. For these jobs the typical pay is $12-$15.00 per hour. 


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